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A Cut Above, AM.CO.ZA V-Smart Vinyl Cutter Interview

A cut above, AM.CO.ZA V-Smart Vinyl Cutter Interview.

The above named video consists of a description regarding one of Advanced Machinery’s clients named Lee – Ashford from Land ford Agencies, who obtained a V-Smart Vinyl Cutter whom explains and demonstrated to us what he is using his Vinyl Cutting Machine for, and how this piece of technology assisted him in starting his own business of doing t-shirt printing etc. Land Ford Agencies buys and sells various products. Anything from Pest Control items to computer software.

Within the video Lee Ashford also gives us with a demonstration of how his Vinyl Cutter works and assists him in making his business a successful one. Lee also tells us about his experience regarding working with his Vinyl Cutter as well as about the advantages of the Vinyl Cutting machine that caught his attention such as that the Vinyl Cutter is not just a Cutter but a Plotter as well, and that the machine also comes with a pen facility which is very useful in which case you might be doing items such as boxes.

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The Lanford Agencies buys and sells various products within all industries, literally anything from pest control items through to computer software. We decided we needed to start doing some work in house, and that is one of the reasons why we decided to get the machine. What we do is printing on the shirts for example Lanford Agencies like that...... So its companies, private whatever you... then we decided to move over to other t-shirts that are behind you for example.

Interviewer say: for shirts or was that anything?

Vinyl, well obviously when I say anything you are restricted to your vinyl’s, your flocking, softer materials. It’s not a laser cutter per say it’s a knife cutter, so the nice thing is it also plots, so if you are doing boxes it does have a pen facility, which I haven’t used myself. I have been looking into it. Looks like you can do some nice sketch art and I would also go as far as to say, blue prints because of the width of the bed. We’ve done a whole lot of shirts for paint ball teams with their different names on it. Ja, it’s just I think the machine itself obviously is quite big, signage wise you can cut some really big signs. I am not doing that yet, I am actually doing the finer stuff. Our boxing champion J.P. Kruger he wanted a couple of shirts. Originally they wanted about 25. Now to go and silkscreen them, would be quite a bit difficult, the applied artwork and they would want minimum quantity.... Where- as with this the flogging or flocking the cutting took us all of five days to heat press them onto the shirts, and there you go.... So we prefer to cater for the smaller things like golfing if you had a formula that you wanted to quickly enter that you want insurance for it, instead of going to silk screening you get this type So this is actually..... it’s fantastic, so that’s what I am using the machine for at present.

There’s a sign behind you on the wall that I just messed around with, just to see what we can do. The sign that’s on the outside of the building Lanford Agencies, That I used through using the cutter as well. We’ve been some stickers for showers; you know the glass door showers, wall art. Nice flat walls in children’s bedrooms, where they do the trees and so on.

Very, very nice, it’s a versatile machine.

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