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Vinyl Cutting Basic by FlexiSIGN Software

The above named video consists of a step by step demonstration using the AM.CO.ZA logo, of how to do basic Vinyl Cutting by making use of FlexiSIGN software, which is presented by Timea Van Schoor, a current AM.CO.ZA employee. The video explains the steps you should follow from opening your FlexiSIGN software and production manager, through to the actual Vinyl Cutting process.

The video also assist you with a description of why your FlexiSIGN software and production manager is two separate files and provides an explanation of what each of the above named files is used for, (FlexiSIGN is where you import and edited your design, add the desired text etc. Your production manager send the message to your Vinyl Cutter of what job it will be doing or design it will be cutting), with a demonstration of how each of them should be used. The video also explains what your design central is used for and how to resize and rotate and crop your image.

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