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Correct Way to Install Vinyl Cutting Blades into Blade Holder

Install blade is a very simple task but it is also a place most beginners made mistake. Correctly install blade is the first step towards a perfect vinyl cutting. Please watch the video first then read more instruction at ( Vinyl Cutting 101 Video Series )

The above named video consists of a detailed step by step demonstration of the correct way to install Vinyl Cutting blades into the provided blade holder. The video is presented by Timea Van Schoor, whom is also a current AM.CO.ZA employee. The video demonstration starts from the description of installing the blade into the blade holder by taking the clicker at the back of the blade holder, and pressing it forward in order to be able to install the blade inside the blade holder.

Along with a description of how to adjust your blade once it is located inside your blade holder, installing your blade holder into the Vinyl Cutter, followed by instructions of how to do a test cut on your AM.CO.ZA Vinyl Cutting Machine itself, to ensure that the blade as well as the blade holder was indeed installed and adjusted correctly.

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