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Cut 160g cardstock Paper Design by V-Smart Vinyl Cutter from AM.CO.ZA

The above named video consists of a demonstration regarding how Advanced Machinery's V-Smart Vinyl Cutter cuts 160g Cardstock also known as Pasteboard or Cover stock, which is Thicker and more Durable than Normal Paper but Thinner and more Flexible than other Forms of Paperboard. It provides more information regarding Cardstock for example what it can be used for such as for Decorations, Crafting, Invitations such as Wedding invitations, Birthday invitations etc.

The video also provides more information about the exciting new features of Advanced Machinery’s V-Smart Vinyl Cutter and how it assists in the capability of the Vinyl Cutting Machine to cut the Cardstock into any design desired.

It also informs us about what other material the Vinyl Cutter is able to cut and tells us more about the different variety of things the Vinyl Cutting Machine can be used for.

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V-Smart Vinyl Cutter from Advanced Machinery Equipped with 1000 Gram of Cutting Pressure, Ready for Any Challenge.
This is 160g Card Stock also called Cover Stock or Pasteboard is a Paper Stock that is Thicker and more Durable than Normal Paper but Thinner and more Flexible than other Forms of Paperboard.
Good Material for Crafting, Wedding Invitation, Decorations etc
No more Expensive Flatbed Cutting Machine Required.

Lets See How V-Smart Vinyl Cutter Gets Job Done.
Fast Cutting Speed, Precision Cutting Finish.
V-Smart Vinyl Cutter from Advanced Machinery Can Cut Vinyl Stickers, Plot Drawings and Cut Shapes Out.
Plus the Features of Contour Cutting, Touchscreen Operation, Cut Direct from Flush Drive, and From Your Computer by USB Cable.
V-Smart Vinyl Cutter from Advanced Machinery is Your Essential Machinery for Your Sign Making, Crafting, T-Shirt Printing and more.
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