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Introduce MetalWise Lite CNC Portable Plasma Cutting Machine

Hailed as the 'most affordable entry level CNC Plasma Cutting Machine on the market', the MetalWise Lite is proudly brought to you by AM.CO.ZA.

The simple structure of the MetalWise Lite makes it suitable for all kinds of metal cutting requirements - whether it is serving a small workshop or a metal art hobbyist - it offers our customers substantial value to have a quick CNC cutting solution on site.

The Control Unit is the brain and driving force of the machine. It looks like a computer box with a screen and lots of buttons, it sits on the Track Base and can move forwards and backwards which provide the Y axis movement by means of a stepper motor. This Control Unit can be detached from the Track Base by sliding it off from one side of the Track Base.

This is the Gantry Bar that slides through the Control Unit. The Gantry Bar can move left and right, providing the X axis movement.

The length of the Track Base and the Gantry Bar determine the cutting area of the MetalWise Lite CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

Besides mounting the Track Base on the cutting table in a corresponding size as the cutting area, you can also use it by directly placing the CNC cutting machine on the metal plate. This is a superb solution for handy CNC cutting on site.

The Control Unit, Track Base and Gantry Bar provide a two dimensional movement capability on a set area, commonly referred to as a CNC Plasma Cutting System. Once the cutting table has been mounted, we call it a CNC Plasma Cutting Table.

One of the prerequisites of utilising a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, is that you will need a Plasma Power Unit with a Lead and Cutting Torch that is mounted on the end of Gantry Bar to provide real plasma cutting power. Together the Plasma Power Unit and Torch Lead are commonly called a Plasma Cutting System, without the CNC prefix. This also indicates that it can be used with a hand-held torch and operated manually.

Any Plasma Power Unit providing computer control interfaces and an Arc-Voltage signal feedback is suitable for use on our MetalWise Lite CNC Plasma Cutting Table.

At the same time that the AM.CO.ZA Group introduces the MetalWise series of metal cutting machines into the South African market, the MetalWise Plasma Cutting System is also making its debut. It features a Plasma Power Unit with a Mechanical Torch plus Lead and Hand-held torch plus a lead for maximum convenience. What makes this Cutting System so popular is the value that it offers, at a mere 50% of the price of its competitor - the Hypertherm Plasma Cutting System - and it makes use of consumables that are half the price as well, with comparable cutting quality and speed.

The whole MetalWise Lite system is carefully designed and crafted, and can be operated by one person with basic training. The cutting area can easily be upgraded or downgraded by simply adjusting the longer or shorter Gantry Bar and Track base.

For a metal plate thicker than the capacity of the Plasma Power Unit that you have, you can always choose an upgrade and get a bigger Plasma Power Unit. Alternatively, you have the choice to utilise the option that is already built in -- the fuel lines for oxy-fuel is already built into the Gantry Bar. This means that all you need to do is to replace the plasma cutting torch to a flame cutting torch and connect the oxy and fuel tanks.

MetalWise from AM.CO.ZA -- the wise choice in CNC machinery to cut metal with style.

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