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Danny Henry Fight Shorts and T-Shirt Made by AM.CO.ZA Vinyl Cutters

Danny Henry is an MMA fighter out of Edinburgh, Scotland and the second ranked Pro Men's Featherweight in South Africa.

So for this project we were tasked with branding this boxer’s fighter shorts and promotion t-tshirts. It wasn’t a very difficult task though. We managed to get the work printed on vinyl, using our large format printer then cutting using a vinyl cutting machine. There were many benefits of using a vinyl cutter from Advanced Machinery:

1). The cutting speed of our 2016 vinyl cutting machine models
2). The innovative V-Auto Superfast Wireless vinyl cutter's 50-1200mm per second cutting/plotting speed.
3). The V-Auto's ability to support Wi-Fi connection, allowing this model to connect several computers simultaneously.
4). From the V-Smart vinyl cutter which can cut up to 1kg Pressure, 1kg Pressure
& 2mm Thickness

WORTH NOTING: The V-Smart Vinyl Cutter features a high-pressure cutting carriage which provides a massive amount of 1kg of pressure. With such a high cutting force, the Cutter can cut almost all kinds of vinyl and thin cardboard. The Cutting depth of the blade edge length of a standard 45° Roland Compatible Blade is 2mm. A deeper cut can be achieved by utilising a sharper vinyl blade.

Read more on the V-Series vinyl cutter here:

and plenty more on the V-Smart in this link:

These are the vinyl cutters that we just displayed, making another successful stinct at the recent FESPA Africa 2016 Expo in Johannesburg - learn more here:

Now, the critical thing when buying a vinyl cutter from Advanced Machinery is you don't have to worry about learning how to use a cutter you buy from Every time you purchase this machine from us, we (are obliged to) teach you how to operate it. - we give full training - our word for it.

For more on our V-Series Vinyl Cutters, including information on how to purchase one, kindly visit this site: and get all the details there.

Alternatively do call this number: 072 222 2211, and speak to our friendly seasoned sales team.