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AM.CO.ZA VinylCut Craft Design and Vinyl Cutting Software Features Demonstration

VinylCut software also offers an open trial at no expense to you.
Visit to download your copy today with no registration required.
We have a new version VinylCut 5

- Deactivate software manually
- Upgrade Version 4 to Version 5

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AM.CO.ZA offers great services and software that goes along with their machines. Feel free to give their website a visit.

What is the most popular and most used vinyl cutting software in South Africa?
The answer, of course is VinylCut, developed by AM.CO.ZA the legendary V-Series, V-Smart and V-Auto Vinyl Cutter manufacturer and retailer.
VinylCut made its debut early in 2016 and has sold an incredible 1 thousand copies in its first year; proving its worth with every sale!
Why do so many companies choose VinylCut Craft Design and Vinyl Cutting Software above others? The obvious reason is it’s the default software for the vinyl cutters sold and manufactured by AM.CO.ZA, who also provide local service and support.
In South Africa, AM.CO.ZA has sold more vinyl cutters than anyone else!
VinylCut is not just a Windows based software that supports all new Windows versions, it is also compatible on Intel-based Mac and Macintosh OSX machines. With more features than most vinyl cutting software available on the market today. With an easy to use interface - VinylCut software is becoming the de facto software of choice for most clients.
Here are some of the main features this powerful and affordable software provides:
1. A simple to use interface with clear navigation of each function. Apart from designing from scratch, you will also be able to import popular vector designs like AI, EPS, DXF, SVG and PDF files. For bitmap images like, BMP and PNG, you can also use the built-in software Trace Image function to vectorise the image before cutting. Various options within the Trace Image tool allow you to adjust and preview the trace result for the best possible vectorising solution. A traced vector file can also be exported.
2. VinylCut Craft Design and Vinyl Cutting Software includes a large library of ready-to-use, drag and drop editable graphic elements too.
3. All TrueType and OpenType fonts installed in your OS will be loaded with a built-in typing tool. Typing and cutting any font from your computer has never been this seamless!
4. All vector designs can be edited from scale to resize, flip, rotate, and edit individual nodes.
5. Multiple vector objects can be edited individually or layer by layer. They can be grouped, ungrouped, aligned to their edges and arranged in different layers. Objects can also be merged, merging overlapping vectors and letters together. VinylCut has a similar look and feel to the popular vector editing software like CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator etc.
6. For the vinyl cutting part, it not only supports vinyl cutters from AM.CO.ZA, but also generic drivers from HPGL and DMPL language driven vinyl cutting machines. This means 99% of vinyl cutters in the market are able to use the VinylCut software.
7. Cutting results can be previewed in a “what you see is what you get” function. You can also cut multicolour designs with the Cut by Single Colour output mode, cut big designs on multiple vinyl rolls with the tile function with overlap options, cut multiple copies with spacing to maximise your vinyl material, and add weeding lines and weeding boxes for stress-free vinyl weeding. All AM.CO.ZA Vinyl Cutters come with a Pen Holder and a Blade Holder and these can be easily switched in the software interface too. The blade compensation setting is also accessible with the over-cut options.
8. Print and Cut, which is also called Contour Cutting is easy to use as well. There’s also a built-in calibrator for an even more accurate cut giving your vinyl cutting machine increased performance. Apart from the system print function, you can also choose to output as a TIFF or PDF file to print on large format printers, flatbed printers and other 3rd party printing programs.
Choose VinylCut Craft Design and Vinyl Cutting Software from AM.CO.ZA, as their Vinyl Cutting machines will easily impress you with its rich feature set, whilst not break the bank! With dozens of effects already built-in, your artwork will reach new creative heights and functionality using effects such as 3D Rotate, 3D Extrude, Barrel Distortion, Knockout, Line Fill, Object on Path, Pierce, Puzzle Generator and Weeding to name just a few.

Thank you for watching this introduction video brought to you by AM.CO.ZA.
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