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Introducing V-Smart Plus, V-Smart Vinyl Cutter with Laser Eye for Fully Automatic Contour Cutting

In 2014 introduced its legendary v-smart vinyl cutter which quickly became very popular in the South Africa sign making industry.

It features 1000 gram pressure, micro-stepper motor for precise cutting, A huge memory for cutting jobs. A full aluminum body and stand, and A laser beam for contour cutting.

There are Many good features that come with this model, and a 2 year warranty is what secures its popularity in the market.

In 2016 introduced the V-Auto. A fully automatic contour cutting machine with a laser-eye to read and analysis the registration mark.
It includes additional features such as: A servo motor. A wireless Wi-Fi connection and super strong steel stands.

No wonder the V-Auto became the first choice for large scale Signage and large format printing business. V-Auto has become renowned as the ultimate choice at, but, it does come with a higher price tag,

And since we introduced low cost large format printing at 2017, the market demanded a low cost vinyl cutter with fully automatic vinyl cutter as well.

So, at early 2018, has introduced yet another vinyl cutter. The V-Smart Plus, a new hybrid from AM.CO.ZA, that combines the V-Smart as a base model with the Laser Eye from the V-Auto.

It has a 1360mm cutting bed, suitable for 1 point 2 meter vinyl roll or narrower to perform normal vinyl cutting, as well as fully automatic contour cutting. A truly remarkable new comer that is fast gaining credibility and popularity.

Don't miss out. For more information visit for more information about this fantastic machine will do wonders for your Signage business. Or call 060 600 6000 for sales.