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Traffic Sign Cutter, Cutting Thick Reflective Adhesive Vinyl with 1000g V-Smart Vinyl Cutter for Traffic Signs

Everyday we see traffic signs all around us. Did you know that most traffic signs made with a vinyl cutter? And not just any vinyl cutter, but V-Smart vinyl cutters from

This is a reflective vinyl. Reflective vinyl comes in different colours, Yellow of which is the most popular one for traffic signs. Reflective vinyl also comes in different thicknesses. The thinner one is very flexible and mostly used for clothing. Whilst the thicker ones are tougher and suitable for signs, They are more robust and more resistant in tough environments .

For tough vinyl material, you need a tough vinyl cutter.
The V-Smart vinyl cutter from with 1000 gram pressure is the right machine to cut all kinds of reflective vinyl.

Let's see how it cuts.

The V-Smart, just like all vinyl cutters from, is now equipped with a high friction grit roller, Not the knurled roller like some of our competitors machines have, which is not accurate and cannot hold heavy material.

The 1000 gram pressure is delivered by electronic magnet inside the carriage, and our copper coated Aluminium blade holder is designed to take 1000 gram high-pressure, as well as, increase wearing resistance during vinyl cutting.

With the micro stepper motor, the movement of the blades is precise, and has an adjustable moving speed of between 50mm and 500mm per second. It automatically slows down at the corners and speeds up again between cuts, enhancing the balanced cutting accuracy and overall cutting performance.

The V-Smart vinyl cutter comes with 3 basic sizes of 740mm cutting bed, for 600mm vinyl roll, and 1310mm cutting bed for 1.2 meter vinyl roll and 1660mm cutting bed for 1.5 meter vinyl roll.

The V-Smart vinyl cutter from is the best choice for reflective vinyl cutting and traffic sign making.

Please visit for specs and prices or call us on 060 600 6000. Thank you.