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Rollman RM-1520 Industrial Laminator with Pneumatic Lifter, an Entry Level Laminator from AM.CO.ZA

Lamination is useful to prolong the lifespan of the prints, and is specifically useful as a protection against ultra violet light from the scorching African sun, as well as the other harsh weather elements.

Introducing the RM-1520, Rollman Industrial Laminator from -- A new comer on the industrial Laminator scene, introduced to solve the essential lamination needs of printing business with a phenomenally low price tag.

The Roller:

The roller is the most important part of the Laminator and absorbs the major part of the manufacturing cost. This is we use a cost effective high density rubber material that is highly wear resistant.

The roller lift.

The roller lift is very crucial to the laminating process as a whole. It needs to gently, simultaneously and evenly place the roller onto the medias. Making sure that there is no unbalanced pressure during the roll. It is more difficult than what it may seem, and many a rolling problem can be traced back to the roller lift.

RM-1520 is our entry level model Laminator, and is unlike other alternative basic machines that lift the roller by turning a
screw by hand. We use Pneumatic Roller Lifting as well as place down. This assures an even placing of the roller by the air pressure which naturally balances the entire work area. And, our Rollman Laminator comes with a quite design air compressor, suitable for indoor due to its low noise attribution.

The air compressor, which includes a built in water trap, is part of the Laminator package and does not cost extra,

The maximum allowed thickness for base material and lamination media combined is 20mm -- and this means that you can also laminate boards such as Perspex and Corex, in addition to other laminating printed vinyl.

Rollman lamina tors from are packed and ship with crated box, ensuring that the roller is well protected.

For more information, Please visit for pictures, videos, specs and prices. Or call sales on 060 600 6000.

Happy laminating.