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Unpack and Basic Install and Prepare After You Received Your TruCUT Cabinet Laser Cutting Machine

Here is what you can do once you received the laser machine in the crated box. In this video we will show you how to unpack and position your machine, whilst you wait for our technician come install the laser system as well as provide training for you. You need some basic tools and several strong guys to assist you.

Open the panels, remove top one first, use a flat screwdriver to open the lip. Then remove all four side of panels. The machine is screwed down to the bottom, so you will need to remove the brackets that secure the machine to the bottom.

Now you can lift the machine and place on its wheel on the group, then you can push it. Push the machine to desired location and park. To make the maintenance easier, we suggest you leave at least 1 meter of space open on all sides.

Next, turn and lower all feet and lift the machine until the wheels no longer touch the ground. If you leave the wheels on the ground, not only will the machine move when use, but the wheels might also lose their roundness over time.

Now you can start to remove the wrapping. The wrapping is heavy duty bubble wrap, It is very difficult to tear so you will need to use scissors.

Open the top cover, Turn the handle from inside to outside by unscrewing from the inside and fastening it again on the outside. Take everything that is loose inside -out, and cut the cable ties that secure the gantry and cutting head during transportation.

Remove the honeycomb table carefully, any dent on it wont really effect much on use but will look ugly and cannot be fixed. Remove all sponge foam. They are only for protection propose so you can throw them away.

The indication lights need to be installed at the back here, Remove the screws, place the indication lights on and fasten again, then plug in the signal cable.

Open air pump box and connect power here, and hole to here at "air in" place. Just to remind you, this is default air pump for general purpose. And if you do require cut thicker material than designed, you can upgrade to an air compressor with 4 bar pressure. Or buy a silent air compressor from us if yours is too noisy. Air pump will vibrate during use, so if your floor is smooth, it might run around. To avoid this, cut a piece of foam place underneath as cushion.

Open the door to access underneath the table, remove the wrapping for the ball screws, they are, again, for protection. At the corner, you can see a fan fasten at the bottom, remove the screws and take it out.

You will see two hose here, one blue one that tough and cannot stretch much, find the hose clamp in the toolbox and fasten one side underneath the table, in the back of the cone, and extend it out from the hole in the back of the machine. The other side of the hose fasten on the inlet of extraction fan, in the middle.

And the other hose is very long and very stretchable, you need to connect it on the outlet of the extraction fan and extend to wherever you want to dispose your smoke to.

That's basically is it. Now get 5L of purified water and wait for our technician to install laser tubes etc. For your safety, don't connect the electricity yet.

Thank you.