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How to Use V-Auto Label Cutting Machine, Stickers Print to Cut from CorelDRAW, Print from Your Office Printer

Labels and stickers are everywhere, on water bottles, on the cars and on the sandwich you buy.

In fact, every business makes use of labels. I bet yours does too. Here is how you can make them yourself.

Labels and stickers are all made from adhesive paper, a kind of media that has a non-stick backing, The front material of course vary, but most of them can be printed on your home & office laser printer.

This is our V-Auto A3 Size Fully Automatic Superfast Label Cutting Machine with ADF -- Auto Sheet Feeder, visit label cutter dot co dot za and check out the assembly instructions.

This label cutter comes with free plugins for CorelDRAW, which you can download from and no additional software is needed to perform label and sticker print and cut.
Installing the plugin is easy, simply follow the instruction prompts. Or call our support on 076 666 6655 and get a remote assistance to let our gurus install it for you.

Here is a design on A4 paper size. Click this button to add the registration mark and cutting area mark. The cutting area is shown as a red square in which must place your design. Anything outside this area won't be cut.
The red square won't print and when you print, You will see a message saying "Visible but no-printable layers" at print window, it's by design.

Design your cutting line in hairline or in a solid fill area. Use either of these methods or else you will get a double cut.

Print your design on a normal home or office printer that is suitable to print your sticker paper. Now feed all of them face up into the ADF -- Auto Sheet Feeder in the back of the machine. Adjust the bracket to make sure the paper is loaded in the middle. Don't lift the roller, and make sure its always down. You only need to lift them during cleaning.

Since our V-Auto Label Cutter is based on our V-Auto Vinyl Cutter to perform contour cutting, the way of setting up the blade and blade holder is the same.As is pressure and speed adjustment. You can find videos about such tasks at, Our training video website.

Now in CorelDRAW, select the lines you would like to cut, then press contour cutting button, btw, the button next to the contour cutting button is for normal cut, if you just want blank, non-printed sticker and then use this button.

If the preview is fine, press start. You will see the V-Auto Label Cutter start loading the first page and trying to locate the registration mark, which is the way machine knows where to cut. The registration mark is located at all four corners and this is to make sure all distortions have been picked up and considered during cutting. Once all registration marks are found, it will cut two lines outside the corner of first registration mark, not only to calibrate the accuracy, but also to adjust the blade angle for the cutting.

Here is the cutting process, simple and easy. Once the first page is finished, the label cutter will load the next page and repeat the process.

The paper we are cutting is normal sticker paper which can be purchased from most general stationary stores.

Lets try another.

Brown kraft sticker paper, load and cut. Perfect sticker for gift wrapping.

How about Glossy finish transparent film, load and cut.

Actually most "buy 2 get 1 free" stickers found in retail stores are made on this kind of media.

And lastly, let's try something difficult. This is a silver coated reflecting paper like a mirror. Many drink packaging companies use this kind of sticker.

If you feel that it is difficult to pickup the registration mark, use the the adjusting wheel for the laser, and pay attention to the lights, they will flicker when the registration marks are found. They remain on when marks are not found and off when they are found.

Make sure there is no prints below the eye, and turn the wheel counterclockwise until the light goes off. Then turn the wheel clockwise gently until lights is back on, then turn slightly a little more. Now press enter and the cutter will try the reading process again.

Now all registration marks have been found and the silver stickers cutting process is starting. See that? Isn't that remarkable?

Without the need for expensive equipment, but rather by utilizing the printer you already have, and printing on the media suitable for your application, from normal paper sticker, to waterproof glossy labels, our V-Auto Label Cutting Machine will help your business make labels whenever you need them.

Please visit for more information, or call our friendly sales team on 060 600 6000.