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TruCUT Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine Features from Motorised Table, Rotary Sensor to Signal Lights and..

The TruCUT laser cutting and engraving machine is very popular in South Africa. And now we present this legendary machine designed and manufactured by AM.CO.ZA with its newest upgraded features.

This is our 1300 millimeter by 900 millimeter cabinet laser cutting machine, standard range, barebone unit in a crated box.
All units are packaged and transported to our clients in these specially designed crated boxes.

Now, lets open the box and see what's inside.
This is a barebone unit, which means does not include the laser subsystem. Based on your choice we can add: the laser tube, the laser power supply and a laser tube cooling system.- to make up the complete package.

The TruCUT laser cutting and engraving machine comes in 3 sizes:
1300 by 900 millimeter unit
900 by 600 millimeter unit
and, 600 by 400 millimeter unit.
All of which boast the same features, and only difference is cutting area size.

All viewing glass on this machine are fireproof tempered safety glass, which is much safer and durable than the cheap alternative perspex used by some of our competitors, which is not safe and gets damaged easily.

Open this cover and you can see the working table. All our TruCUT Cabinet lasers come with a honeycomb cable as a standard feature. And its removable, you can simply slide it off to expose the slats table. Generally speaking, the honeycomb table is for small or soft material cutting. But our technician will tell you more about this during the installation and training process, So lets move on.

All accessories need to be unpacked for installation.
These indication lights will be installed at the back of the machine to give you an idea of the current machine status when its running. This is an air pump, connect it at the back of the machine, and be sure to provide air to blow on your work piece when you are cutting. There is also have a silent air compressor available should you want to cut thicker material than designed, You can contact our sales team on 060 600 6000 for more information about that.
This is the toolbox, which contains many interesting items. To know whats in this tool box, - buy the machine!

The working area has open slots from and back, which means if your material is longer than the table, 900 millimeter in this case, you can slide it through the table and cut or engrave section by section.

On the cutting nozzle, besides the tube for the air, you can also see a sensor, for detecting the position for the auto focus feature, and a laser pointer which will point at where your laser is to give you an indication of the position when cutting.

Let's remove the front cover and see what's underneath the table. Our machine uses thick metal plates and the cover is quite heavy, true to the expected quality of the machine.

Here you can see 4 ball screws that support the table, this allows the table to move up and down to provide auto-focus feature as well as give more space for thick material, or rotary attachment. We also have top and bottom sensors to limit the travel range of the table.

In the corner you can see an extraction fan. This needs to be removed during installation, .as do the hoses. In the front end there is a blue light and a plug. This is for the rotary attachment. The rotary has a self-detection sensor and can switch from flat mode to rotary mode by itself as soon as you plug it in.

// More descriptions here have to be removed due to video description length, visit for full video description.

Call our sales on 060 600 6000 or visit us for a demonstration of this machine. Wanna know more, visit or

Thank you for watching.