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Heatware 1800W 400×600mm Swing-Away Heavy Duty Flat Press Heat Press Machine, T-Shirt Press

For large scale T-Shirt Heat Pressing, you need this industrial heat press machine from

This new comer of the Heatware Heat Press range focuses on one application, to press heat transfer vinyl or sublimation prints on your cloth by heat.

Let's start from the base. This bottom surface is made of a permanent mould casted magnesium alloy produced by a die casting process. It provides a high impact resistance and high strength, which can also take high temperatures. Magnesium alloy is made up of a combination of metals such as silicon, manganese, aluminium, zinc and other elements, that are used in most engine blocks, which we found to be the best option for the heat press base surface. There are cheaper alternatives out there like casting aluminium that cracks easily.

Some even use steel for bottom surface, but this becomes deformed over time. So beware of purchasing industrial heat presses that use these kinds of materials for the bottom surface, they won't last long.

Below the bottom surface is the steel base made of solid thick plate, mainly to increase strength and weight. That's why even if we swing the top part to the back, the whole machine remains stable.

At the four corners of the base, we designed a mounting hole. This is for the benefit of factories that need to respond to basic safety requirements. The mounting hole makes sure that the machine is securely fixed in its position on the desired working surface.

This big screw bar allows you to adjust the bottom surface position to adapt to different thickness of fabrics, or, if you like, to increase or decrease press pressure, or place different support materials for heat press.

And this knob locks the adjustable screw in place.

This heat press features 600mm width and 400mm depth surface, suitable for all T-Shirts and other cloth like pants, jeans etc. Heat shield foam and rubber silicon are included and can be replace.

These heat press components commonly shield the heat and make the heat more concentrated on the cloth, as well as causing even fabric heat absorption, especially in the case of small pieces of sublimation prints and heat transfer vinyl.

Now let’s take a look at the main body of the machine. This handle is to swing the top surface to the right. The machine is to swing designed to swing to the right only and is extremely solid and stable during the swing all the way to the back, due to its heavy weight factor.

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