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Engrave on Metal Tested on CO2 Laser Cutting Machine by Coated with Thermo-K Liquid Thermal Ink

Our TruCUT CO2 laser machine clients enjoy the benefits of engraving on surfaces such as wood, plastic and rubber.
But they face quite a challenge when trying to engrave on metals, especially specially stainless steel and Aluminium.

Not any more! Now, with Thermo-K liquid thermal ink, engraving on metals has become as easy as on any surface.

Let's take a look at how it works.
This is our 40W vertical laser. It has a fixed laser tube and movable working table for small items. Most of our clients buy this for rubber stamps and name tags.
Using this machine let's put laser engraving on metal to the test.
And, as you can see the laser simply has no influence on the surface of the metal.

Maybe we need a machine with a higher laser wattage. This is our TruCUT standard unit with a 130W tube.
Our standard TruCUT machine with much larger working area and the laser beam is delivered by mirror mountings on the gantry from the laser tube mounted at the back of the machine.
The 130W laser beam is much thicker and more powerful than the 40W laser, and more suitable for cutting and engraving on large areas.
Perhaps this machine can engrave straight onto metal.
Let's try.- Still nothing.

So lets apply the Thermo-K liquid thermal ink from AM.CO.ZA onto the metal and see what happens.
We will start with the 130W laser again.BRUSH THE LIQUID ON AND WAIT FOR IT TO DRY. When the laser react with the thermal-K marking coating, the rich oxygen content inside the thermal ink gets excited and burns the surface of the metal.
That's how the thermal ink works. You can see the Thermal-K works on both aluminum and stainless steel, and it works on almost all kinds of metals with a light Coloured metal surface
to ensure readability. Ok, that worked well, but what about the smaller laser machine.

Our 40W TruCUT-Lite laser machine is a much more affordable machine, with a vertically placed laser tube. So no mirrors required. It also focuses directly on the work piece and the beam diameter is much smaller.
That's why it is perfect for rubber stamp making.
But can this machine actually engrave on metals too?
Let's put it to the test by applying the Thermal-K Liquid Thermal ink from

And there you go. As easy as that.

So, if you need to mark on metal, you should be thinking about Thermal-K Liquid Thermal ink from

For more information on this wonder liquid contact our sales team on 060 600 6000 and ask about the
Thermal-K Liquid Thermal ink from
Thermal-K ink not only can let you engrave on metal, it can also let you engrave on ceramic and glass as well. And it is a great cost saver because you can also gather the water that washed off the ink, wait for the excess water to evaporated, and re use the liquid. Pretty impressive hey?

And just in case you were wondering - yes we do have a laser machine that does not require any thermal ink or surface treatment. It is the lighting fast LabelMark 20W fiber laser from AM.CO.ZA
For more information on this machine watch the video on this machine on our youtube channel.

Thank you for watching.