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LabelMark Fibre Laser Marking Machine Main Feature Explained and Demonstrated on Aluminum

Marking on metal in a FLASH, - That describes The LabelMark Fibre Laser marking machine from

With a fully machined aluminium body in a compact design, this sleek machine is sure to stand out in your work place.

Engraving on this machine is instant and effortless. And there is no smoke, and no noise, because no cooling required during operation.

It is highly effective for gift personalization, labels,component serial numbers, and like applications.

Let's engrave our logo and see how it works.

Yes - that's right, its done, That fast! And its permanent, you cannot scratch it off, not even with a screwdriver.

The machine uses 220V house hold electricity, which means that you can use this machine anywhere.

LabelMark software is freely available on our utility website, This software allows you to import vector or bitmap files, or design from scratch.
For vector logos, like our logo, we can choose between outline only, or, filling the entire work area by way of the hatch function.
And there are many different options for the laser running path type available. For this presentation we used the 0.02mm line space default option.

There are many features on the software, like, serial number and barcode template set ups - which are useful.
And with the layer function, you can define different working modes, like marking speed, power and different ways of hatch.

This visible red laser is to preview the artwork area. Click the "red" button on the software for the preview and you will see the red square.
And the red dot, is for alignment,
Once you have placed the object you want to mark, you need to adjust the focus. This is done by turning the crank wheel, which raises or lowers the laser.
Once the two dots overlap each other, you know that the focus is set correctly.

The total adjustable height is 500mm, and the thickest object you can place depends on the lens you are using, The default lns is 110 by 110mm, and for this lens the maximum engraving area is 110 by 110mm, and the maximum thickness of the object is 340mm.
Different lenses can be used by a simply twist and replace procedure.
Lenses available for machine are: 70x70, 110x110, 150x150, 200x200, 220x220, 300x300

This machine comes with a footpad as well, which into the back of the machine. This is great for by passing the software control for continuous work.
And the machine includes a support rotary attachment and a control interface.

This LabelMark Fibre laser marking machine from is maintenance free and very durable, with a lifespan of more than 5 years even with daily use.

This marking on metal in a FLASH machine ......... is your go to machine for permanent engraving for personalized items, branding, serial numbers. barcodes for stock tracking, and many other permanent writing on metal applications.
And most importantly, it marks on metal without any surface treatment required.

Another remarkable feature of this machine is the laser safety. Surely such a powerful laser that burns on metals should be dangerous for human skin! But, amazingly it does not react at all with human skin. This is not an editing trick - its just well - magic.
The type of magic that is to expected from this solid compact designed machine that is truly in a class of its own.

Please visit for specs, photos, videos and prices on this remarkable machine, or call sales on 060 600 6000. We have branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town with lots of spare parts and consumables in stock.
We also sell co2 laser cutting machine for supawood, perspex etc, and fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metals.
To find out more,
Visit or call sales on 060 600 6000 for more info.

Thank you for watching.