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Heatware 9 Function Heat Press Function Combo Unit Mug Cap Shoe and T-Shirt Press Explained

So you bought yourself a Heatware Heat Press from with all the great attachments that go along with it.

But you are not sure how to attach them.
Well here we go: Lets start with the Flat heating board. Simply attach it to the heat press unit
and you are ready to print.

The cup & mug and lock stand is just as simple to attach. Once again simply, plug it into the heat press unit and you are ready to print.

Next is the plate print attachment.
The plate gets mounted onto the main unit with 2 screws.
Remove the screws that hold the flat heating board in place, and remove it with a downward and backward action.
Now mount the plate.and tighten the screws.
Then plug it into the heat press unit.

Now the cap attachment. Remove the silicon and foam from the base mount.
At the bottom of the base mount are 4 screws - remove them, and remove the base.
Now place the cap attachment base unit into the 2 center screws, and tighten.
Next mount the top of the cap attachment to the heat press head and tighten, and then attach it
to the heat press unit.

Lastly the shoe press. Mount the 2 brackets provided onto the shoe press body and then
flip the unit over to fit onto the base of the heat press unit, and tighten the screws.
Now insert the flat press top making sure that it is secured in place, and plug the attachment into the heat press unit - and you are ready for your printing project.

Should you have any further questions, please call support on 076 666 6655

thank you for watching