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V-Series Vinyl Cutter is Best Selling Vinyl Cutter in South Africa from 2012, Main Features are Disclosed

Vinyl cutter are becoming more and more popular in the sign making market .
Since 2012, when open it's door, the V-Series vinyl cutter was, and still remains to this day the hottest sale.
The popularity of the V- Series remains due to the fact that it has very basic features, and just as it once was, still is the
lowest price vinyl cutter in its class.

However through the years we have upgraded many features resulting in our latest model which includes:
a 32-bit ARM CPU with 512K Internal Cache,16M Memory which makes buffering for cutting jobs easier.
Stepper Motor Driving System with 0.0254mm Per Step,It uses 220V of electricity and is compatible with UPS and generators.

Lets take a look of this legendary machine, in front, you will notice this grit roller, for smooth vinyl cutting with higher accuracy,

the most important upgrade is the high Friction Steel Grit Roller for Vinyl Feeding to Achieve High Moving Accuracy on Heavy Vinyl.

Each pinch roller requires to be placed just ontop of each steel grit roller,
that is why we have a coloured marker here to indicate where the steel grit roller is, since it will be covered by vinyl when in use.

And each pinch roller also has load springs to allow for pressure adjustment that holds the vinyl in place.
adjust pressure that used to hold the vinyl.

Lets move to the right of the machine, here is the control panel located on the top beam.
You can Smoothly Adjusts from 20mm to 800mm Per Second Cutting/Plotting Speed, and cutting pressure adjusts from 20 grams to 500 grams and it can cut normal vinyl 0.1mm Up to 1mm.
It also has a pause function which allows you to pause during the job if you need to check cutting results, and to adjust the speed and cut pressure on the fly.

The test function is also very useful to allow you to test the blade on the vinyl and make sure it cuts perfectly.
We have a dedicated video on this subject which you can find at where our technical videos are located.

But lets continue. There are 3 ways of sending date from computer to the V-Series vinyl cutter has been built into the motherboard, and you can see those ports here.
A traditional COM port, this allow backwards compatibility also allow you to connect this cutter to Mac, Linux etc.
Here is the High-Speed USB 2.0 and Plug and Play on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 for your convenience, the vinyl cutter can set itself up as a windows printing device works on all Windows,

It also works on Mac and Linux, and, it can also work directly from a flash drive via a USB port (delete this, no this feature). And then there is also a
SD Card port, to cut the PLT files on it without having to connect to a computer at all.

The drives for our V-Series Vinyl cutter are free, and you can download them from website. It will install a windows printer on Windows 7, 8, 10 and later versions.
This allows you to directly cut from CoreDRAW, Adobe Illustrator or other vector design softwares.