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V-Smart Semi-Automatic Contour Cutting and V-Smart Plus Full-Automatic Contour Cutting Comparison

Now before we can make a comparison between the v-smart semi-automatic contour cutter and the full-automatic contour cutter let’s read up a bit on what contour cutting is all about.

What is Contour Cutting?

The Contour Cutting system makes use of a laser optical eye which reads multiple registration mark patterns on pre-printed media to attain accurate contour cutting in order to produce decals, stickers, heat transfer and packaging in the print and cut operation. V-Smart Series Vinyl Cutters do not function as printers. One would still have to print their artwork using a vinyl digital printer and thereafter would have to bring the printed media to the vinyl cutter to cut.

AM.CO.ZA’s V-Smart Series Vinyl Cutter has the following amazing features:

A 32bit CPU also known as an ARM Microprocessor. This is a powerful 32bit CPU with 4M high speed Cache which you would find in your PC, Tablets and Smartphones. This ARM Microprocessor is such a powerhouse and serves as the brain of our V-Smart vinyl cutter.

It has Better Speed and Precision, It Handles Complex Artwork Better and supports Unlimited Cutting Length output from computer.
It has 11 buttons and a LCD touch screen on the vinyl cutter interface giving you More Functions and Controls.

Contour cutting. When using the Laser Optical Eye, you can easily cut by using the contour (outline) of pre-printed media.

Has 1kg Pressure & 2mm Thickness. The V-Smart Vinyl Cutter comprises of a high-pressure cutting carriage which provides a massive amount of 1kg of pressure. The Cutting depth of the blade edge length of a standard 45° Roland Compatible Blade is 2mm.

LCD Touch Screen. You are able to operate on the LCD touch screen interface without utilising all the fixed buttons.

Direct cut from USB Flash drive. Has Direct USB flash drive reader capability. You can cut directly without using a computer. It also supports all windows systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.

Has High Cutting Precision and Repeatable Precision and Repeat Cut and Offline Cut.

Now let’s take a look at the differences between the V-Smart and the V-Smart Plus Contour Cutter from AM.CO.ZA:

The V-Smart Semi-Automatic Contour Cutter is:

A semi-automatic contour cutter

-Cuts automatically with manual set up
-Is fully automatic
-Picks up registration marks on it’s own and immediately starts Contour Cutting.

The V-Smart Plus Contour Cutter is:

-Cuts Faster
-Saves you more time but cutting more quantity in short period of time.

Well now there you have it!

For more quick and effortless cutting experience get your hands on our V-Smart Series Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter by simply logging onto our website or touch that dial and call us on 072 222 2211.