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MetalWise Mach Series Plasma Torch and Consumables Care, Optimization and Assemble

A Plasma Torch assists in the Plasma cutting process.

The MetalWise air plasma cutting system makes use of a choice of the Mach series of cutting torch from AM.CO.ZA. Let me power you through the Mach 2, 3 and 4 cutting torch system.

* The Mach 2 and Mach 3 torches make use of an air intake to cool the torch down during operation and has a general life span of 1 to several years, depending on the frequency of use and care.

* Mach 2 is for MetalWise 100A system, and Mach 3 is for MetalWise 130A system.

* The Mach 4 on the other hand makes use of a water intake and outlet resulting in constant water recycling during usage. Mach 4 can yield more power from the bigger plasma unit and it serves as a torch for MetalWise 200A system, but can operate comfortably below 200A.

* Plasma cutting torches consist of a variety of parts which need to be changed from time to time.

* AM.CO.ZA stocks the entire consumable collection for each torch.

== Mach 2

* The Mach 2 centre Air Tube should be hand tightened as hard as possible by hand when being replaced

* You can tighten the Torch Electrode by spanner. Make sure that it is also tightened as hard as possible, without stripping it. This is done to prevent air from entering the system and plasma from exiting the system. This would cause damage either way.

* The nozzles come in 2 sizes. Nozzle for maximum 60A output and nozzle for maximum 100A output Torch Copper Cap and the Torch Shield.

* The electrode and nozzles are the most frequently changed items as they work the hardest.

* The inner metal wear out during electrical discharge happens all the time and when its goes down about half mm, it’s time to changes, or else you will fail to see the piece or even burn whole torch.

* The common damage for the nozzle occurs when the tip hole is no longer round at the top anymore, which would mean that it needs to be changed, otherwise the plasma will not go straight. This will not only result in bad cutting, but may also cause damage to the shield.

* The shield is there to protect the torch from backflow and melted metal from cutting.

* The shield can be cleaned with steel wool. It’s holes and pins should be opened from time to time to prolong its life span as well as to protect its consumables inside.

== Mach 3

* Comprises of the torch shield, the Copper Cap, the electrode and 3 types of nozzles: 60A, 100A and 130A.

== Mach 4

* Comprises of the Torch shield, Copper Cap, Electrode, Center Tube, Swirl ring, and 3 types of nozzles :100A, 150A and 200A.

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