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How AM CNC Software Works, Serious Technical Video - How AM Works Video Marketing Campaign

Children tend to see the world completely different to adults. Anything is possible to them and all dreams come true. This short clip shows you just how imagination can be bought to life with the CNC software sold by AM.CO.ZA. The kid in this video speaks to a cartoon character from his computer game that flew across his bedroom and onto his wallpaper in one click of a button all thanks to the CNC software on his laptop.

To get your hands on CNC machines and software simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can log onto our site for more product information.
AM.CO.ZA also further provides training on software and remote assistance.

CNC Software training:
1) The support team will first help you install the machine and then set up software.
2) Then conduct training on how to use the machine.
3) Teach you how to maintain the machine.
4) How to use the software and machine to create a basic design and
5) How to generate files for cutting.

Remote Assistance:
If your software gives you trouble, AM.CO.ZA’s Technicians or Support group will help remedy this by using TeamViewer to access the software installed on your machine. In order to do this the client needs to have internet connection on the computer that they use.