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Making ECO-Solvent Ink is Just Like Making Coffee (So Easy) So ECO-Solvent Inks Shouldn't Be Expensive

You can now get very affordable ECO-Solvent Ink from Advanced Machinery. We know exactly how stressful and expensive it can be running a signage business with all of those high- volume orders hence why we always strive to bring you high quality products at the lowest prices.

Our Ink is nonfading even when exposed to the Sunlight over long periods of time. This theory has been tried and tested and has passed a 3 Year durability rating under the African Sun.

What does our Ink comprise of?
Below is a list of the 4 Key Ingredients:
1. Automotive grade pigment - Is very durable. Cars are always exposed to the Sun's rays as well as many other unfavourable weather conditions but the paint colour is able to withstand that without degrading.
2. Solvent - Has highly penetrable properties.
3. Resin - Very sticky, high quality substance. It won’t dry before the solvent does, works more like glue for the entire solution to come together. Binds all the ingredients together.
4. Secret Ingredient- It wouldn’t be a secret if we told.

We Reconstitute our Ink in Cape town. It’s so easy. It’s just like making a cup of coffee.

Don’t go and pay crazy prices for your 3 year grade ECO-Solvent Ink elsewhere. When we just have the right ink for you.

To purchase Ink from us, simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can log onto our site for more product information