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Start T-Shirt Printing Business is Easy with Printers, Vinyl Cutters and Heat Press Machines

Starting a T-Shirt Printing business has never been so easy. AM.CO.ZA has just the machinery for you to make that a dream come true. Ranging from Printers, Vinyl Cutters and Heat Press machinery.

What Is A Heat Press Machine: How Does It Work?

If you are planning on opening a signage business, you will surely need a heat press machine.

Do you know why?

A heat press machine is a designing device which transfers a graphic design onto an underlying layer. The usage of a heat press for the printing job is a modern and effortless way of laying your artwork onto T-shirts or any other items.

It is an alternate to utilizing other design technologies such as Screen printing and Sublimation.

The Heat Press machine gives you the opportunity to transfer your individual artwork or designs onto clothing materials, T-shirts, garments, cooking wares, shirts, hat brim, wood, metals, lettering, tote bags, mouse pads, ceramic tiles, ceramic plates, mugs. Just to name a few.

A Vinyl Cutter Machine, How do you work that?

Is a machinery that is mostly used for trimming Vinyl and other materials into many shapes or letters.

In a nutshell we can safely say that a Vinyl cutter is a cutting device that is controlled by a computer.

The control of this machine is specifically handled by the computer which makes sure that the sharp blades of the Vinyl cutter machine move properly.

It is the duty of these sharp blades to cut out letters or various shapes from sheets of the adhesive Vinyl material. When these letters or shapes are cut with the vinyl machine, they can be stuck on any surface of your desire.

How about a Large Format Printer?

Is a computer-controlled printing machine that has a bigger print width. It is widely and commonly used for the printing of graphics or images that are used in advertising or marketing.

Some of the popular display’s for Larger graphics by Printers include Banners, Posters and Billboards.

Large Format Printer’s are very cost-effective and cost-efficient for when you start a business or already run one.

To purchase any of our machinery and accessories, simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can simply log onto our site for more product information.