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Laser Engraving Fabric Demo on TruCUT CO2 Laser Machine Engraving Fleece Fabric

The video above depicts to the viewer at home the step by step procedure that goes into engraving a decorative pattern right onto a certain type of cloth or woven fabric utilizing AM’s TruCUT CO2 Laser Machine. This video was put together and proudly brought to you by

You can now engrave on the following textile materials such as Fleece, Cotton, Denim and Softshell utilizing the TruCUT CO2 Laser machine with so much ease.

The Laser Engraver’s power supply and tube has to be set below 130 Watts. If the rate of energy transferred is very high it will cause the material to burn. A CO2 laser with the wavelength of (10.6 microns) is efficiently absorbable by a wide variety of organic materials. As soon as the laser power and speed settings on the CO2 Laser machine is altered, you can influence how you want the laser beam to interact with each material effortlessly in order attain the distinctive effect you're looking for.

Why process textiles with a CO2 Laser cutter?

Compared to using tools a laser beam is almost infinitely more precise. The edge points of a knife can be sharp. But the laser beam measures only 10.6 microns (a micron is one millionth of a meter). The laser can also replicate that same design more accurately and with greater speed.
Depending on the fabric the laser will often produce cut and seal preventing any frayed edges.

A laser is also contact-less which translates to no tool wear and tear and is consistent in the cut quality. Since materials don't need to be pinned down there's absolutely no risk of fabric distortion.

Some common textile application examples for laser processing fabric are as follows:

-Designing your own custom clothes
-Upholstery alteration
-Designing your own fabric toys

You can really enjoy yourself whilst creating some alluring and distinctive products with any textile that you like.

To purchase our TruCUT CO2 Laser machine and any of our accessories, simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can simply log onto our site for more product information.