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Surface Drive and Centre Drive Rotary Attachment for Laser Cutting Machine Function Explained

Advanced Machinery presents to you the two types of Rotary’s that are compatible with its TruCUT Laser engraving and cutting machine. These come in attachment form.

The features of the Rotary’s:

Wheel Surface Driven Rotary

-Rotary 300/S70, 70mm long with a Wheel-surface driven rotating unit. The object to be cut spins freely on the wheel surface.

Claw Centre Driven Rotary

-Rotary-300/C80, 80mm long with a Claw centre driven rotating unit.
-The Claw centre driven rotary is especially designed for conical spherical objects and it clamps the object right onto the rotary as it spins around.

The difference between the Two Rotary’s is:

Wheel Surface Driven Rotary

The object to be cut spins freely on the wheel surface.

Claw Centre Driven Rotary

The object is kept in place by the claw right inside the object on the one side and clamped onto the rotary spindle pin on the other side so it becomes one with the rotary which now spins.

For objects that have a constant sphere size like a bottle for instance the wheel surface driven rotary works just fine but for chronicle spherical objects like this bottle for example the claw centre driven rotary is necessary to keep the glass clamp stable as it spins around. Both Rotary attachments work on a stepper motor and can have up to a 300mm length working area.

It’s a case of ease of use vs high-tech precision. It all depends whether you are in the market for general artwork generation or high calibrated precision production artwork. Either way we have you covered as we stock them both and we also stock a variety of sizes.

To purchase any of our machinery, spares and software, simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can simply log onto our site for more product information.