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4 Stations and 6 Stations Screen Printer, Screen Printing Accessories and Consumables

Advanced Machinery offers you 4 and 6 station silk screen printers and full house accessories at extraordinary prices.

These printers and accessories can be assembled with so much ease at home by anyone.

Simply watch the instructional videos on #SORTIT and learn how to assemble it on your own.

Sample video:

Advanced Machinery also stocks an extensive range of accessories for screen printing such as:

• 400x500mm Aluminium screen frames
• 43mm Aluminium screen blockout tape
5 rolls per pack
• 350 mm aluminium wide v-shape emulsion scoop coaster that has a rubber edge
• 340mm wood screen printing squeegees
4 per pack
• A4 sized waterproof transparent paper for inkjet/Laser printer

100 sheets per pack

• White 120 Nylon mesh for water-based ink paste
127cm wide x 40 meters long
• White 250 Nylon mesh for plastisol ink paste
127cm wide x 40 meters long
A broad range of Plastisol and Water based ink
Colours available: White/Black/Red/Blue/Yellow/Green

Pros of Silkscreen Printing

• Inexpensive for large quantity printing.
• Inexpensive since fewer ink colors are needed (i.e. 1 or 2 colours).
• Designs can be very detailed (e.g. small text, fine lines).
• Silkscreen printing is highly adaptable, suitable for use on many different materials (cotton, dri-fit polyester, metal, wood, plastic, glass).
• Silkscreen prints are long-lasting.
• Silkscreen screens can be recycled, reducing lead times for repeat orders.
• Silkscreen prints are feathery, as a result the garments have a soft-hand feel.

Cons of Silkscreen Printing

• Uneconomical for smaller quantities.
• Cost beneficial when design has many colors (i.e. 3 colours or more).
• It is convenient if design graphics are identical across each piece.
• Silkscreen can be troublesome to carry out as it requires specialized knowledge and materials.
• If not maintained properly, lint may start adhering to the ink over time. (How to take proper care of silkscreen printed apparel).
• For first time orders lead time can be relatively long as specific screens must be made for each ink color.
• If silkscreen print quality is low, bad issues may arise (e.g. fabric color discoloring the print) - Find out how to identify a good quality print.

To purchase AM’s FastColour large format printer and accessories, simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can log onto our site for more product information.