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Introducing Heat Sublimation and Label Making Printing Papers for Office Inkjet and Laser Printer

AM’s label printing paper is available in matte or gloss.

It comes in colours: white and brown.

To print on this paper you would either have to use an Inkjet printer or a laser printer cause the ink can easily penetrate the paper.

The glossy paper comes in white, super white gold, silver and clear.

Label printing paper is available in sizes A3 or A4

For Sublimation printing paper, use a laser printer only to print on sublimation paper cause the ink should bake on the surface.

Offers normal white paper for polyester fabric

Offers light white paper for light cotton fabric

Offers dark paper for dark cotton fabric

Sublimation printing paper is available in sizes A3 or A4

The Properties of Gloss labels and Matte labels

Gloss Labels

This decorative finish is often popular because it offers a more subtle decoration compared to, say, coloured labels. The bright and shiny surface creates an attractive and professional finish, which can draw attention to important information. Gloss labels have special coatings, which add extra beneficial properties. For example, coatings tend to create a smoother finish and can offer protective properties, resulting in tougher and more durable sticky labels. They may also offer limited protection from environmental elements such as moisture. While paper labels can never be fully waterproof they are “splashproof” and can be wiped clean and dry if lightly splashed with water.

Matte Labels

Matte labels have a subtle flat finish that allows for additional print to be added onto matte surfaces without drawing attention to the fact that this has been done. Some matte labels (especially matte transparent labels) become almost invisible after application, making it seem as though your additional print is actually part of the labelled item. Matte labels tend to be uncoated (with a rougher surface), although additional coatings can improve the finish. They can also be made with waterproof materials to create waterproof matte labels suitable for outdoor (or indoor) use. A less reflective surface can also be beneficial when the print must be easy to read – by humans or by machines. Gloss labels may be harder to read when light sources reflect off the surface. Matt labels are a better option for barcode labels and QR code labels. While some readers do not rely on detecting fluctuating levels of reflected light, traditional optical scanners do. The reflective surface of gloss labels may prevent barcodes and QR codes scanning correctly. The (usually) rougher surface of matte labels is often more receptive to handwritten or drawn designs along with craft materials, such as foils and stamps.

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