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BusinessNow S1E2 - Start a Business with Vinyl Cutters, Different Vinyl Cutters and What They For

2020 is almost over and it is almost the beginning of a new year, which means you might be planning your next big career or business move for the coming 365 days.

And whether you're prepared to put a stop to the dreaming and eventually start doing, or still in the planning stage of turning your ideas into a full-time business, the right place to start is at AM.

Advanced Machinery provides an extensive range of vinyl cutters for you to select from.

The first one is called a V-Smart Plus-Laser eye enable automatic contour cutting and is available in these 4 widths that is 440 mm, 740 mm, 1300 mm and 1600 mm.

This machine’s precision on images is exceptionally accurate. It has superior cutting quality and it moves at a high-speed.

The next one is known as the V-Auto Superfast Vinyl Cutter with Automatic Contour Cutting. It is lengthy and is available in widths :1300 mm and 1600 mm.

It is extremely precise. It has superior cutting quality and moves at high speeds. It is way quicker than the V-Smart Plus vinyl cutter and works well and in conjunction with a wide format printer.

Most of the known and unknown signage businesses use the vinyl cutter machine to produce their designs and signs on their personalized products/items.

The vinyl cutter machine works better when used to produce signs or letters, banners or to place ads on cars.

You can also make use of a vinyl cutter machine to cut out your design from light quality cardboards.

Vinyl cutters are incredibly multifaceted, they produce custom-made stickers, decals, labels, magnets, signs, stencils, and more.

Vinyl cutters are not only able to cut but can also etch, emboss, scan, draw and do a whole lot more.

Think of a vinyl cutter as a digitally controlled scissor, that is shaped like a printer with a computer's brain. Instead of printing images, a vinyl cutter carves letters and shapes from sheets of vinyl or other materials.

Upload an image that is either prefabricated or your own design and then make amendments to the font, sizing, etc. Then insert a sheet of vinyl into your machine, from which your design will be cut. Amend your settings and then go on to cut, draw/etch. Then you’re done!

Videos to watch out for in order to get more information on the range of vinyl cutters that we have available from AM:

To purchase AM’s V-Smart/V-Series vinyl cutter and software simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 for Sales or you can always buy the products from our online shop called . For more product information log onto our website