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DSP Controller on AM.CO.ZA EasyRoute 3-Axis CNC Routers and Biesse Rover J FT NC Processing Centre

AM exhibits to you the comparison between a NK105 G3 Controller from Advanced Machinery and Biesse.

AM uses a world-renowned 2nd generation NK105 controller that links all non – automatic router machinery and a 3rd generation NK105 controller that links all automatic router machinery.

Manual processing refers to operating the machine tool without deviation using the direction buttons of the three axes located on the panel. At the same time, the operation speed and step length can be amended during operation in accordance to the prerequisites of the operation.

Essential Features of the NK105 G3 Controller from AM:

• Original Weihong NK105 G2 G3 DSP Controller 3 Axis NC Studio Motion Control System for CNC Router ATC Machine.
• CPU ARM 11, RAM 128m, FLASH 256m.
• 128*64LCD display Monitor, Performance indicator.
• Multiple Gears, Backlash Compensation.
Features of this controller can be found on:

Videos to watch for more information on CNC Routers:

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