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Vinyl for Screenprinting is Cost Effective, Screen Alignment Steps Demo on 6 Station Screen Printer

What is Screen Printing?

The screen-printing procedure incorporates the use of a stencil. Coats of ink are applied to the surface where printing will take place, one at a time. A different screen is used for each new colour. That’s how the procedure goes.

Screen Printing with Vinyl

Products that are essential for the process:
• A vector image to screen print
• A blank screen
• AM.CO.ZA Squeegee
• AM.CO.ZA V-Auto Superfast Vinyl Cutter
• Transfer Tape or Masking Tape

Step 1:

Find the picture that you would like to screen print and if necessary, change it to a vector image.

Generate the design on the software, print and cut it on a vinyl cutter.

When that is done, pluck out the excess vinyl from your sticker (This process is called weeding)

Step 2:

Apply the decal sticker onto your screen.

Apply application tape on the vinyl that is attached to the screen and even it out with squeegee.

Cut off the edges of the vinyl.

Peel the vinyl off from the application tape to reveal the side of the vinyl decal that is not sticky and then line up vinyl correctly in the centre of the screen.

Put the decal sticky side down on the screen and stroke it all over with a credit card or squeegee.

Lay it onto the screen, flip it over and then run squeegee across the screen so that when you peel off the backing tape it will be stuck on properly.

Turn over the screen around again and then peel off the backing tape.

Step 3:

Apply tape on the areas where the ink might go through with blocking tape or masking tape.

This is done to ensure that the ink does not penetrate the screen and run onto the T-Shirt.

Put the screen in the middle of the board.

Line up your screens with the board then commence the silk-screening process.

Apply ink onto screen and then make use of a squeegee to even it out.

Last Step:

Allow shirt to dry before you go over the process again.

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