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Bleed-over Method Multiple Colour Screen Printing by Vinyl and Self-Tensioning Screen Frame Revisit

In this video you will learn how to do the “bleed-over” method for an unfinished look.

Every colour in screen printing has its own layer set aside in the design. This entails that you will have 3 colours for 3 layers.

The vinyl is cut into 3 separate layers. Each layer will be filled with ink.

What can happen during the process of screen printing is that in between the layers the different inks can misalign sightly giving the overall picture somewhat of an unfinished look.

To overcome or remedy the “unfinished look” we make use of the “bleed-over” approach that involves:

Filling up the bottom layer ink by applying 3 more layers of ink. We apply the first layer of ink, allow it to dry, apply the second layer of ink, allow it to dry and repeat process with the third layer to ensure that there are no gaps in-between the layers for a clear, solid and bright picture.

The “bleed-over” process in a nutshell

1. Setup your design and cut your vinyl.
2. Transfer your 1st colour design to the screen using transfer tape.
3. Line up and screen print your first screen. Repeat this process until all of your shirts have the first colour.
4. Wash your screen and allow the first colour to dry for at least 30 minutes.
5. Prep your screen for the 2nd layer of ink.
6. Repeat Steps 4-5 for any additional colour layers.

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