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Start a Screen-printing Business with Multi-Station Silkscreen Printer for T-Shirt Print Production

Being an owner of your own business is believed to be a dream come true. Screen printing gives anyone, experienced or inexperienced in business a chance to try themselves out or excel in entrepreneurship.

When you think about your popular t-shirts, you know it was printed somewhere, somehow. Most t-shirts are made by screen printers. Screen printer artists usually form long-lasting bonds with their communities by producing personalized goods that people adore and flaunt all over town.

Screen printing is one of the most multifaceted printing procedures which can be utilized to print on different materials that include vinyl, paper, garments, plastics and so much more.

This process is made up of three components i.e. the screen, the squeegee and ink. Screen printing makes use of a penetrable mesh that is stretched firmly and pasted on a metallic frame. The production of a stencil is on the screen created chemically or manually.

Screen printing ink is spread all over the material through the screen, that is placed on top of the material. Ink is put on the screen and then forced through the tiny mesh holes making use of a squeegee that is pushed across the screen, applying pressure thereby forcing the ink through, on all parts of the screen. The Ink will penetrate in areas where the stencil is exposed, therefore creating a design on the material.

If you believe that you are ready to start your own screen printing business or looking to expand on the one that you already have...

Check out to purchase the screen printing machine or screen printing consumables online. Prices are subject to change.

Come through to our warehouse in Johannesburg or Cape Town or call our sales team on 060 600 6000.

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