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BusinessNow S1E6 - CNC Routers for CNC Cutting Business, Interview with AM.CO.ZA Technician

Interview with a Technician from Advanced Machinery-Questions & Answers about the CNC Routers

1) What are the different types of CNC Routers sold at Advanced Machinery and What are their sizes?

• The EasyRoute DIY CNC Router = 600 mm x 900 mm
• The EasyRoute Heavy Duty CNC Router = 1300 mm x 2500 mm
• The EasyRoute Large CNC Router = 2 m x 3 m

2) What are the different types of substrates that can be cut using the EasyRoute CNC Router?

• Wood (Supawood or Hard wood)
• Aluminium
• Perspex
• Polycarbonate

3) Name the different CNC Router packages offered by Advanced Machinery

The 1st Package

• It consists of two bags and 1 bucket.
• It goes along with a dust collector that cleans dust or residue that remains on the router.
• It also comes with clamps that are used constrain the substrate.

The 2nd Package

• It consists of four bags and 2 buckets.
• It goes along with a dust collector that cleans dust or residue that remains on the router.
• It also comes with clamps that are used constrain the substrate.

On the other hand you can make use of a vacuum bed- as it can suck the sheet used to confine the material down onto the surface.
The “hold down roller” is known as a newly-introduced system that makes use of metrics or air to keep the material that moves with the spindle down as the machine cuts.

4) What are the software programs that can be used for the EasyRoute CNC Router?

• Artcam (This comes free with installation)
• Aspire
• VCarve Pro
• Rhino Cam
• Fusion 360
• GibbsCAM
• Solid Edge
• EnRoute

In order to make use of the programs mentioned above, you would have to get the correct processor i.e. the general g-code post processor.

5) Does the EasyRoute CNC Router come with a 3-Axis capability?

The EasyRoute router comes accompanied with a 3-axis capability that is X,Y&Z. You can make use of all 3-axis at the simultaneously. These axes enable 3D cutting.

A 4th axis (Rotary axis) can be added for the cutting of round items.

6) How much power does the machine use?
These machines come with two power speeds.

The 1st one is 220 Volts (This power speed can be found in both the small and big router)

The 2nd one is 380 Volts (Also known as Industrial power)

7) What after-sales support is offered with the purchase of router?

Advanced Machinery has a technical team that specialize in the installation and maintenance services such as the fixing/repairing of machinery.

8) Does AM sell any spare parts for this machine?

Yes there is (For the maintenance of machinery).

Make the investment for the long term and purchase our EasyRoute CNC Routers.

Check out to buy the CNC Router online ( Prices are subject to change.
Call the sales team on 060 600 6000.
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