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How to Apply Vinyl - Correct Way to Cut, Prepare Surface and Apply Multilayer Vinyl Expert Advice

Do’s and Don’ts when applying vinyl

• Split up all the colours into different layers.
• Import this into the vinyl cut software from Advanced Machinery.
• Pick “Trace”.
• Click on your design.
• Pick “Mode”.
• Click on the drop down and then choose “Colour Layers”.
• Pick colour of your choice.
• Click on “Update Preview” and then pick “OK”.
• Modify the size settings of your design.
• Pick “Cutter”.
• Click on “Cut by colour” and then go for the colour that you would like to cut first.
• Duplicate the procedure.
• Once you have all of your different layers sorted out, move along and cut them out into their different coloured vinyls.
• As soon as everything is cut out, what follows next is weeding.

While you prepare for the application of your vinyl let us first have a look at what you should not to do when applying vinyl:

• When you press on vinyl, make sure that you do not apply all your colours in one single time.
• If you do, the vinyl will curl up and stretch when it is peeled off.
• This causes a confusion as one can’t tell which side is the adhesive side.
• Apply each layer separately and successively. Ensure that everything is done accurately.
• As illustrated in the video, we get into a craft that is simple to make and exciting to show off (Heat transfer vinyl application on a plain black t-shirt)
• The plain black t-shirt is laid on a flat surface (Make sure that it is ironed out and not creased)
• Next, make up your mind about which layer to press or apply first.
• In deciding, choose the layer that will take up bulk of the space.
• Another deciding factor for heat transfer would be to look at the image on the vinyl and then weigh up your background all the way to your foreground to ensure that the vinyl design is straight.
• Gather all of your vinyl sheets, crop the edges, figure out where the best placement would be for your vinyl and then place the vinyl onto your t-shirt in an orderly fashion.
• Now moving forward…
• Remove all the other layers and leave behind the layer that you plan on applying first.
• Heat up your portable heat press to the correct temperature and time settings.
• Make use of the settings exhibited on the screen as shown in the video.
• Adjust your settings in accordance to the material that you are going to use.
• Layer your heat transfer vinyl and teflon sheet on top of your t-shirt then put the heated heat press top and “press” your vinyl artwork.
• This design is greater than the heat press, so in order to cover the entire surface move your press from top to bottom.
• Take heat press off the t-shirt and then remove the backing paper.
• Progress to the next colour i.e. Red. Put your heat transfer vinyl on the shirt. Place the heated heat press on top and then “press” your vinyl with the same amount of pressure. Then repress the full coloured image to ensure that it sticks onto the shirt.
• Different vinyl applications include: Car signage, Wall signage, T-Shirt vinyl, etcetera.

Flaunt your vinyl designs.

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