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Standalone Mug Heat Press Sublimation Printing Machine Usage Tips for Handle to Handle Mug Print

Tips and Tricks for the use of AM’s standalone Heatware mug heat press

Brand New Standalone mug press from Advanced Machinery!!!

The package has the following items:

• A power cable;
• Advanced Machinery’s standalone Heatware mug heat press.

The Printing Procedure:

• The temperature and time settings will be different and this depends entirely on the type of mug that you will be making use of.
• For this e.g. set the temperature to 200 Degree Celsius and the timer to 310 seconds.
• Fabricate the design on your personal computer and then edit the picture on your software.
• Print out the picture with an office printer using Advanced Machinery’s A4 sublimation papers.

To Cut or Trim your artwork you will need a:

• Ruler
• Cutter
• Advanced Machinery’s Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape (Thermal Tape)
• Sublimation Mug

-Do not make use of a normal mug as it does not come with a special coating for sublimation that a sublimation mug comes with.

-Make use of thermal tape to tie and secure the artwork to the mug . This ensures that it doesn’t move around during sublimation printing/pressing.

-Wrap the picture all the way around the cup. Align it equivalently then secure the picture by placing 1 piece of tape on each side.

-The mug is now set for pressing.

As an alternative:

• Trim the second picture with a cutter and a ruler.
• Grab a hold of the second mug and create markings of half way points on both the mug and at the back of the design with a pencil.
• This option is the best if you are merely printing on a small portion of the mug.
• Take the mug and put it upside down.
• Take the ruler and put it on top of the mug in the middle and make your pencil marking on the opposite side of the handle.
• Take your picture, place it on the table facing upside down and then go on to measure it from side to side.
• As soon as you have marked the middle point for the mug, place your artwork on the cup and align it to the pencil mark on the opposite side of the cup (middle section).
• Tighten it into place with thermal sublimation resistant tape.
• Now you are ready for sublimation.
• Set temperature at 200 Degree Celsius and time at 310 seconds.

Pressure Application:

• Try not to apply to much pressure as this will result in the mug cracking.
• If the pressure applied is deficient, this will result in blotches around the mug due to ink that has not fully sublimated. When you are satisfied with the settings of the pressure, temperature and time simply slide the cup inside the press and then secure it inside. Then press proceed sublimating.
• The minimal temperature for sublimation ink to transfer to mug is 200 Degree Celsius.
• 230 Degree Celsius and 40 seconds is used to press the cup as seen in the video.
• As soon as the timer expires pull the handle back and then remove the mug.
• Allow it to cool down.
• Remove the print around the mug while it cools cause if you don’t, this will result in “ghosting”.
• The best option would be to remove the tape and design sheet using a tweezer or a knife.

For A Radiant and Eye-Catching Look

• To attain striking and lively colours let the mug sit in the press for quite some time (longer than 40 seconds). This will allow enough time for the ink to be conveyed to the mug.
• Place the second mug into the press and then increase the timer to 80 seconds.
• Slide the mug into the press. Start the timer until it expires with the temperature set at 330 Degree Celsius.
• Remove the mug and then get rid of the print paper.
• There is a noticeable difference between the two cups. One of the mug is brighter than the other mug.
If you are specifically looking to purchase a mug press instead of a multi heat press.

Make the investment for the long term and purchase our Heatware Mug Press Machine with Single Mug Placement Holder and H-Tape/Thermal Tape.

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