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Handheld Portable Heat Press Sublimation Printing Machine Reviewed by The Cape Town Guy Full Video

Aside from being a machine specially created to print/mark a design or artwork on a material, such as a cotton shirt, with the application of heat and pressure for a set time period. A heat press machine could be the key to running a successful sublimation business.

The heat press method is universal and well known for all the right reasons. By using a heat press machine, you can print a number of custom t-shirts very quickly.

Heat pressing is exceptional for personalizing a variety objects. But what stands out about this press mainly is that it is uncomplicated and very quick.

Whether you are working alone or working in a small team, you are now able to print on a lot of objects in a short space of time. The outcome of this will be a durable and professional look.

How does Sublimation fit into all of this?

Sublimation is referred to as a chemical procedure that involves a solid turning into a gas.

When learning about the process of sublimation printing, it always makes it easier to acknowledge that it refers to the dye itself.
Famously known as “Dye-Sublimation”.

We already know that your design is printed onto sublimation transfer paper. The printing is done as a mirror image making use of specialist dye-sub inks. Thereafter the transfer paper lined up with the fabric before heat and pressure is applied by means of the portable heat press.

This changes the state of the inks from solid to gas state.

The inks permeates into the thread of the material and then forever bonds itself to the fibres.

The final outcome is a higher resolution print result with an exceedingly fine level of detail.

Sublimation Printing is by far the best choice if you are looking to achieve fine lines and details. It is recognized as one of the greatest methods for all-over printing.

The nature of this business requires little investment to set it up making it an ideal choice for small runs. On top of that the printing is unbeatable as it lasts long.

So, this is how sublimation printing works hand in hand with the heat press machine.

Ariel who is also known The Cape Town Guy tries himself out with the brand new Handheld Portable Heatware Heat Press Machine from Advanced Machinery and gives us a review.

He has no expertise whatsoever with the signage industry but managed to transfer a variety of images on a number of t-shirts and a sweater effortlessly using AM’s Heatware Heat Pressor.

AM’s Heatware Portable Heat Press Machine:

• Comes with FREE heat-resistant silicone foam rubber mat.
• Includes a Heat Press Holder Stand to keep heat press safe while heating up.
• Heat Press temperature up to Max 250 degree Celsius.
• Uses 220V of household power with maximum 1000W Output.
• Medium pressure can be created by high frequency vibration, furthermore pressure can be added by hand.

And has the following Benefits:

Easy to use and Hand free

Has a comfortable handle which is safe and easy to grip, allowing you to apply the right amount of pressure on each t-shirt when printing.

If you will be moving your press around, you’re better off with something lighter and portable.

AM’s portable heat press is also known as an automatic heat press- which is easier to use, as it requires less knowledge about different materials, printing times and types of transfer.
The user manual is all you will need to get the show on the road.

Safety comes first

This press has an advanced heat plate design with a ceramic coated surface, a tad bit of warmth can be felt on the handle when pressing.

It has an insulated base which keeps the machine protected.

Cost Efficient

Deciding on which heat press machine to buy for t-shirts will largely depend on your dedicated budget. If you’re looking to make a serious business investment at a tight budget, AM’s portable press will be the best choice for you.

Temperature control and timer

This press has a timer that allows you to set the exact time of heating depending on the material you’re using.

Check out to buy the press online ( .Prices are subject to change.
Call the sales team on 060 600 6000.
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