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Full Colour Printed Cardboard Packaging Box Made by UV Hybrid Printer and Laser Cutting Machine.mp4

UV Printing is a digital printing process that makes use of UV lights to dry ink during printing. Engineered UV lights dry ink immediately after the UV Hybrid printer spreads ink on the top part of the substrate.

Ultraviolet lights were initially created and fitted into lamps used to dry gel nail polish in a short space of time. Over time this technology made its way into industrial and commercial markets.

UV cured inks are weatherproof and don’t wear off easily. The curing process is unpolluting and energy efficient because it gives off a small amount of Volatile Organic Compounds.

UV curing also gives an opportunity for printing on non-traditional substrates such as PMMA, aluminium, foam board, wood and glass using a flatbed large format printer.

AM’s FastCOLOUR UV Hybrid Printer

• Let’s you print more custom printed packaging boxes in more styles than ever before.
• This printer is compatible with thick substrates (You just need to do a height adjustment)
• It has a printing capacity up to 1600 mm.
• Compatible with both rigid and flexible materials , including Vinyl and Foam Board.
• Features some of the most up-to-date printing technology on the market today.

The printer was used in conjunction with AM’s TruCUT C02 laser and engraving machine to print, cut and shape the customized cardboard package seen in this video.

How does a C02 laser work?

The C02 laser engraver will give your business the ability to convert any object into a valuable asset.

Lighting projected by C02 lasers is exceptionally powerful when compared to normal light. This light is invisible to the human eye because light from a laser is infrared . It has the ability to cut all sorts and types of substrates , including cotton material, wood, metal, glass and cardboard.

The excessive heat from this light vaporizes the material that is going to processed. The final results are precise, suave finish.

Depending on the look you are going for on your material and what material you are cutting or engraving, the settings of your speed and power settings can be adjusted (by expanding it or reducing it

AM’s TruCUT C02 laser and engraving machine

• A C02 laser allows you to engrave and/or cut a wide variety of materials including wood, acrylic plastic, leather, fabric and much more.
• This engraver is easy to use and is designed to operate through a print driver.
• You can set up your graphics in almost any graphic design software including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDRAW and many more.
• Set your page size to the size of the piece or area you are engraving, lay out your graphics just like you are printing to paper, and send it to the laser. You can choose a speed and power setting based on the material you are using.
• For the large laser and engraving machine, by moving the table down, you can place a large item up to 8’’.
• When you are looking for a small lightweight laser system, the Desktop C02 laser cutter and engraver is a great choice.
• The Desktop laser engraver is powered by a 40/80 watt C02 laser tube.
• The Cabinet laser engraver is powered by a 80/90/100/120/130/150/160 watt C02 laser tube.
• The Flatbed laser engraver is powered by a 80/90/100/120/130/150/160 watt C02 laser tube.

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