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Wallpaper with Adhesive Back Printed on Large Format UV Printer for Instant Dry Vibrant Colours

Liven up your spaces with limitless possibilities of digitally printed custom wallpaper.

Custom printed to your exact size with AM’s FastCOLOUR UV hybrid large format printer, you can create your own wallpaper with quality digital printing.

Digital printing is a process that involves the manufacturing of prints directly from an electronic file. The design is created on a PC/Laptop and printed on substrates thereafter.

A digitally printed wallpaper is a great way to bring colour, elegance and personality to any area and reconstruct your humble abode, office and retail spaces.

The digital wall paper creative process starts off with a digital file. It can be generated from a digital image or picture. You can use any photo, design or texture to make your own personalized peel and stick wallpaper.

You can also integrate pictures, markings, decoration or simply make use of all three concurrently.

In 2 Steps:

• Send the image needed for printing directly to the printer through a digital file.
• Edit your picture on the software and start to print.

This wallpaper is unique because it is fully personalised and custom-made, allowing for infinite design possibilities.

You really can’t deny the tons of benefits that come with a digitally manufactured wallpaper…

• With digital printing , wallpaper designers no longer have to repeat patterns every now and then.
• Hi-resolution photo wallpaper and large-scale artwork are now a thing of the past since digital printing requires no rollers. A digital wallpaper can have any colour that you can think off.
• Present-day customers with a “state of the art” taste don’t take kindly to purchasing inventory that has been on the shelves for quite some time. The best news is that they no longer have to all thanks to the technology of digital printing. Manufacturers of digital wallpapers print personalized wallpapers on demand.

With the new peel and stick wallpapers trend savvy customers are now able to
change their wallpaper as often as they change their wardrobe every season.

• This process has a quick turnaround time.
• It is cost-effective.
• Has minimum set-up requirements.
• It is consistent- every print is the same when you use this method.
• It offers very few variations and reduces waste dramatically this is all because there is no need to balance ink and water during the print run.
• Another important thing is the eco-friendliness of the process- there is no need for film plates and photo chemicals since there are no prepress stages in digital printing.

A hairdresser that is looking to upgrade her salon and grow her business approached Greating Heilbron for a customized wallpaper to replace the old one that she had.

They honoured this wish by creating a nice, soft and feminine design that was printed on adhesive vinyl using the FastCOLOUR UV Hybrid large format printer from Advanced Machinery.

The FastCOLOUR UV Hybrid printer will give you print media that is bright and vibrant.

AM.CO.ZA’s LED-UV Curable ink dries instantly on the final product making installation quick and effortless.

In addition to that…

This UV Curable Ink is beneficial because

It is free of VOC’s

Doesn’t have solvent fumes. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly.

Image Quality

The ink does not clog the printhead, therefore, it delivers quality print media.

Colour Quality

This ink does not consist of a solvent that is evaporated. All of the ink deposit is a dye.

The ink does not soak up into permeable substrates it simply bases itself on the surface.
This is what results in UV ink having an extreme colour. Only a little amount will be required as a result.


AM’s UV Inks have a 3 year outdoor rating.

A Silicone Rubber Squeegee from AM was used to remove air bubbles from the digitally printed wallpaper.

You can also create your own design that reflects your true style with a digital printer and consumables from AM.

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