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Why V-Smart 740mm Vinyl Cutter is Better Than a Desktop Craft Cutter, Multifunction Compared

It might be time to take your vinyl cutting leisure craft onto to the next step by converting it into a profitable business. To do this you are going to need a vinyl cutting machine. Vinyl cutters come in a different forms shapes and magnitude and can be used to create high-quality vinyl stickers.

Riley explains the reason why you should rather use a V-Smart Vinyl Cutter (740 mm) from AM instead of a desktop craft cutter to do contour cutting, vinyl cutting, sandblast vinyl cutting, craft cutting from cardboard and vinyl plotting (House map/design).

A vinyl plotter is a piece of equipment that works a lot like a vinyl cutter that uses a pen to print the design created. It is inexpensive and accurate for free hand-cut, hand-painted and fine-art and intricate designs.

Riley uses the V-Smart vinyl cutter together with a pen holder to plot a floor/house plan on vinyl.

• This cutter has a roll holder that most cutters do not have.
• It has a pen holder for drawing.
• It comes with a stand.
• It is a great tool for builders/architects.
• Perfect for larger jobs.
• Plots small, finer letters.

When cutting sandblast vinyl, do a test cut first. Use greater cutting pressure to cut the thick vinyl precisely.

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