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6040 80W Desktop Laser Machine Improvement Comparison with Prototype Model Interview

There are numerous ways that one can engrave substrates, however, lasers have become advanced to an extent that they become extremely dependable, systematic and economical procedure on the market.

This desktop laser machine is suitable for engraving only. It does an exceptional job with small, detailed engravings. There is a whole lot of opportunities for creating astounding laser engraved items and profiting from them too with AM's desktop laser and engraving machine.

In this video a comparison is made between AM's new desktop laser machine and the prototype model. Tune in to watch an Interview between AM.CO.ZA and Lanford Agencies addressing all of the questions that you have pertaining to the prototype model and the new 80W desktop laser machine.

The new and improved 80W desktop laser machine:
[ ] Is inexpensive.
[ ] Uses less energy.
[ ] Has a display glass that allows you to see whilst your tube is operating.
[ ] Has adjustable pieces that allow you to place and engrave longer and larger pieces of work, extendable to 600× 1 metre.
[ ] It has an emergency shut off button, an air pump and chiller button unlike the old version that never had any.
[ ] Has a main switch in front.
[ ] Its control panel has more buttons.
[ ] Has a screen that bigger in size compared to the prototype model.
[ ] Has a permanent plug-in-point for the rotary.
[ ] Allows you to change and adjust your tubes at any time.
[ ] The 80W tube is a very versatile. You can do a lot with it.
[ ] This machine has exceptional memory as it stores the memory of the latest settings. Even if your machine switches off due to load shedding, it will remember your settings. When the power comes back on just push start and carry on working

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