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New LabelMark Fibre Laser Marking Machine with Native Rotary Unit Support and Mass Price Reduce

In a nutshell, laser marking is an everlasting process that makes use of laser light to leave behind an impression on the outward, top part of your substrate. The laser beam puts emphasis on a specific area, allowing the laser marking machine to create precise, high quality, strong contrast marks that are easily readable.

This laser uses fibre. It leaves everlasting permanent marks on a wide range of substrates including steel, ceramic, glass, wood, etc.

AM's new and latest LabelMark fibre laser marking machine is easy to set as it is small and compatible. All you need to do is plug it into your laptop or desktop to get started.

AM's New LabelMark Fibre Laser Marking machine:
[ ] Good looking and compact
[ ] Easy Operation
[ ] Does not need to be maintained
[ ] No need for long working hours as it quickly does the job allowing you to fulfill mass production
[ ] Good laser beam quality for high accuracy and fineness
[ ] High speed marking
[ ] Cutting speed is at 2-3 times that of traditional machines
[ ] Comes with powerful marking software

Check out to buy the fiber laser marking machine online ( Prices are subject to change.

Call the sales team on 060 600 6000.

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