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100W Fiber Laser Cleaning System, Master Cleaning Laser System by Understand It's Capabilities

Laser cleaning systems offer numerous and drastic benefits over conventional methods. They are the talk of the town! Their ability to get rid of pollutants such as paint, contaminants, rust and residue from metal surfaces effortlessly using a high-powered energy beam of laser makes them untouchable.

This cleaning system is very economical, productive and secure. It is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and gets the job done in half the time.

AM's RustOff 100W Fiber Laser Hand-Held Laser Rust Removal and Cleaning System:
[ ] Does not use abrasive substrates. There is no need for pollutant separation and disposal.
[ ] There is no need for solvents as this process is free of chemicals and is environmentally-safe.
[ ] Only cleans specific area. It saves you time and cost by disregarding areas that are not important.
[ ] Contactless procedure. Quality will always remain exceptional.
[ ] Fully automated. Therefore the costs of operating this machine is lessened because labour is not required and consistency of quality is still maintained.

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