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Compare Wood and Plastic Laser Engraving Result to Understand How Laser Engraving Machine Works

Laser cutting and engraving machinery are a multifaceted solution to various challenges in industrial and commercial industries. Industrial and commercial business ventures can meet their needs for engraving, cutting or marking of distinct materials, with the correct laser cutting machine that is paired with technology that outperforms competition.

Laser cutting and engraving machinery are multifaceted in a way that they are able to carry out various functions dependent on how the person that is using the machine customizes the settings.

Laser cutting, engraving, marking and etching can all be carried out with one machine with distinct operatonal settings.

But have you ever asked yourself "What you can cut and engrave with a laser cutting machine?" The answer is, nearly everything. Laser cutting and engraving functions by conducting an extensive centralized light beam through a sequence of lenses that heighten their strength/power and right onto the chosen material. As soon as the laser hits the material on the chosen surface, it will be vaporized, melted or burned away by a stream of gas.

The multifaceted applications of the laser cutting and engraving machine are dependent on the various materials that have the ability to be cut and engraved by a laser beam, and these include:

[ ] Wood
[ ] Plastic
[ ] Stainless Steel and so much more

This is a tutorial video that outlines the noticeable differences between engraving on wood and on plastic using AM's TruCUT C02 laser cutting and engraving machine.

AM's TruCUT laser engraver and cutter delivers:

[ ] Cost efficient and cost effective engraving.
[ ] Non-contact and time saving processing.
[ ] Has the ability to engrave on a wide variety of materials.
[ ] The laser beam does not wear.
[ ] No new tools required since this is a contactless process.
[ ] Consistent quality. The results for every job is perfect.
[ ] Costs and time are forever under control.

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