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Screen Protection Film Cutter, Introduce V-Auto Automatic Film Cutting Plotter from AM.CO.ZA

Designed to cut numerous adjustable screen protectors, the V-Automatic film cutting machine is a fast and convenient way to cut protection films for your mobile gadgets.

Mobile gadgets are now considered as a need for a number of people around the globe. Being able to maintain contact with family members, business partners and co-workers and connecting to your emails is one of the reasons why the demand and usage of mobile gadgets is constantly on the rise. Since these gadgets play an important part in our everyday lives it is crucial to have them covered and preserved every time.

The best and convenient way is to do this is to apply a protective film commonly known as a screen protector on your portable gadgets.

Advanced Machinery has made it a whole lot easier for small business owners and DIY enthusiasts by producing and supplying V-Auto film cutting machinery used to cut screen protectors.

AM's V-Auto Automatic Film Cutting Machine:
[ ] Convenient for owners of small businesses.
[ ] It is so easy to operate.
[ ] It is energy efficient.
[ ] You can carry it everywhere you go.
[ ] Simply connect it to your laptop or desktop.
It comes with a free :
[ ] Anti-slip pad
[ ] Squeegee
[ ] Small cloth for cleaning

Check out to buy the v-auto film cutting machine online ( Prices are subject to change.

Call the sales team on 060 600 6000.

Visit our warehouse.

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