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RAW Modular Furniture Manufacture in Pretoria Featured AM.CO.ZA CNC Routers in Them Promo Video

Modular furniture is becoming fashionable in the business environment for the reason that it has numerous advantages that it can provide to the enjoyer. Not only is it affordable but it is made to last as well. This furniture simply identifies as a collection of furniture pieces, tailor-made to accommodate your company's furniture needs.

RAW studios is in the business of producing modular furniture to create a comfortable working environment for all. They used the EasyRoute CNC router from Advanced Machinery to produce the durable and alluring furniture items seen in this video.

AM's EasyRoute CNC Router:

[ ] Delivers accurate cuts.
[ ] Cuts and replicates.
[ ] Easy to operate.
[ ] Safe to use.
[ ] Cuts various materials such as wood, plastic, acrylic, etc.
[ ] Improves your work efficiency.

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