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New Rollman RM-1520 Come with Hot Laminating and Cold Laminating in One, with Silent Air Lifter

Even with continuous and quick shift in workplace technology, you can't find better means of preserving paper that has been printed or painted than with a lamination machine.

Lamination is commonly known to give your print media an extra layer of protection against chemical elements or the possibility of wear and tear.

Along with preserving a page or paper that was printed, lamination also has the ability to protect your documents against scratches. The machine is able to add to and enrich the colour of an image that is printed. It contributes to the surface being hard and preserves it so that it doesn't crinkle or curl up.

AM has recently upgraded its Rollman RM-1520 laminator machine into a 2-in-1 hot and cold laminator machine that is incredibly inexpensive and easy to use.

You no longer need two machines to get the job done. This laminator grants you the opportunity to laminate hot and cold objects.

Making life very easy for you and your clients!

AM's Rollman Industrial Laminator:

[ ] Is easy to operate.
[ ] Comes with a temperature control that is flexible.
[ ] Has an air switch that ensures even pressing of the roller across, covering the whole material.
[ ] Comes with a robust, silent air compressor which is a standard feature that you get for free.
[ ] Boosts the life expectancy of your print job.
[ ] It makes your printed work look attractive and professional.

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Call the sales team on 060 600 6000.

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