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Explore Film Cutter Functions, Protection Film Pricing and Business Opportunities by Cape Town Guy

In this day and age, the rate at which mobile devices are upgraded is unbelievable. In spite of the effect of the Coronavirus and how it slowed down the economy, mobile devices were still sold and shipped so rapidly. All that consumers are normally interested in are the new versions of mobile devices that are introduced to the market from time to time. However, this is not always delightful news for cellphone accessory distributors like cellphone repair stores, especially when there is a high demand for protective films in a short space of time. This becomes a big problem when the screen protectors are sold out.

Based on these circumstances, screen protective cutting machines were created to keep up with the demand of the market.

This technology is also referred to as a "right on time" production as it carves out a screen protective film in a matter of 20 seconds, saving you a lot of time and money and also reducing production wastage.

The new DIY screen protective film cutter from AM is specially designed to let you cut protective, privacy and principal screen protectors easily and quickly for your portable devices using Wifi connection.

This machine has the ability to cut various screen protective films such as clear, matte, blue screen, privacy and principal screen protective films also sold at AM.CO.ZA.

We currently have a special offer through which you will receive a complementary years access that will save you R1000 if you purchase 1000 or more protective film sheets.

This package boasts:
[ ] A V-Auto film cutting machine,
[ ] An anti-slip pad,
[ ] A squeegee,
[ ] A pen,
[ ] A Set of blades,
[ ] An instructional manual,
[ ] Power cable
[ ] Cloth to clean device

You can set up this machine yourself. However, if you ever need assistance then a technician can be sent to you.

In today's video the Cape Town Guy gives a review of the V-Auto protective film cutter machine from Advanced Machinery.

Visit to get your hands on the v-auto film cutter machine online ( Prices are subject to change.

Call our sales team on 060 600 6000.

Visit our warehouse in Jet Park or Cape Town.

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