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LED Backlit Channel Letter Sign by PrintUP 3D Printer and TruCUT Laser Cutting Machine How-to Video

Neon signs are a radiant, sentimental lighting appliance that lights up your house furnishings in a pleasurable and special manner. Neon signs are great for people that have the intention of adding their personal touch or character to their households or companies.

They serve as smart marketing mechanisms since they brighten the windows and signs of coffee shops, pubs, roadhouses and cinemas, catching the attention of passersbys and keeping them astonished. 3D neon lights or signs can be personalized in accordance with your sense of style.

Even better, do you have any idea that you can simply create DIY neon signage in the comfort of your own house or office?

You have that correct! With the use of appropriate machinery and devices as well as a simple step-by-step guidance, you will be able to create your designer neon sign so effortlessly.

It might just dawn upon how entertaining and inexpensive it is to manufacture your own neon sign.

In today's video you will learn how to print on 3D neon letters or signs using the 3D PrintUP- TruCUT laser cutting machine from Advanced Machinery.

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