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V-Series Vinyl Cutter 2022 Featured by Major Publications and Widely Recognized as Market Leader

You cannot accomplish modern day crafting without making use of a vinyl cutting machine. But what can you really do with a vinyl cutter?

Vinyl cutters provide endless opportunities in the present-day world of crafting. As much as they are conventionally-managed and they belong to most signage entrepreneurs, they now play an important role in administering various art projects and generating diverse crafts.

Because of this, these machines are now well liked by many professional craftsman and enthusiast.

Advanced Machinery brings you the latest V-Series and V-Series plus 2022 models that has been featured in various and very notable publications in S.A. such as IOL, BusinessTech, My broadband, The African Exponent, Gumtree blog, Bizcommunity, Engineering News and the Daily Maverick.

This vinyl cutter has the capability to manage every single vinyl project along with numerous other art cutting assignments that you can ever imagine.

It has the ability to deliver accurate cuts for complicated and highly detailed designs because of their greater cutting power.

Moreover, it can cut through resilient and broad material and also offers support to various software.

These cutters come with the following standard features which are:

• A stand for easy maneuvering and space saving;
• A built-in Windows driver;
• 500g cutting pressure (V-Series vinyl cutter);
• 1000g cutting pressure (V-Series plus vinyl cutter);
• High friction grit rollers;
• High feeding accuracy;
• An SD card port.

You can purchase the v-series or v-series vinyl cutter online by keying in ( Prices are subject to change.

To get better assistance with your purchasing decision call sales on 060 600 6000.

Or visit our warehouse in Jet Park or Montague Gardens.

To get more information on our products and services log on to our website: