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Push-Down Rollers with Pneumatic Lifts for CNC Router to Hold Down Board Cutting for Vacuum Table

CNC routing is one of a few state-of-the-art programmes that administer machine tools through software- responsible for reforming, fabrication and cutting material.

These machines operate much like portable router machines. They are good at cutting different shapes from different materials. In as much as they have a lot of similarities as manual routers, CNC routers are a lot stronger and more multifaceted as they can accurately cut numerous materials.

This machine provides productive cuts compared to hand-held routers. It is very easy to operate, and this leads to increased productivity, decrease in wastage, duplication and security.

Processing items on a CNC router can be quite a hassle at times. An example of this would be cutting material that is uneven. This is a problem because accurate cuts are unattainable as a result. There is just no making up for abnormality of the surface that is expected to be smooth and even.

You can also encounter difficulties when working with several sheets and when you do so simultaneously. A vacuum system is normally used to force down the sheets onto the table ,however, the top part of the sheets still moves throughout the cutting process.

To remedy this, you need a push down roller system that works in conjunction with the vacuum table. What it does is force down your workpiece onto the vacuum table of the CNC router machine.

The push down roller is fastened onto the sides of the CNC router, this puts pressure on the top of the material making sure that the machine cuts precisely and flawlessly.

This optional accessory functions simultaneously with the vacuum system to make certain that the material stays in a stable position to deliver pristine cuts in doing so decreasing or getting rid of wastage created by damaged material.

The EasyRoute CNC Router also comes with a:
Filter unit
-Prevents rust and dirt from entering the system.
Moisture separator unit
-Keeps the air in the numatics dry and clean.
The hold down rollers are also compatible with a lot of Chinese-built CNC routers in the signage industry.

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